Parama Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam




Parama Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam having class from kid's garden to XII, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education is a Co-educational institution. The School is situated at the Holy Premises of Parama Bhattara Gurukula Ashramam, a vast, calm and serene atmosphere which has been blessed with the divine footing of HH Chattampi Swami Thiruvadikal. The School originated with the lofty ideas of HH Bhagyananda Theertha Padar who was a disciple of HH Chattampi Swamiji.


Education is not about stuffing our brain but training the mind. Education and knowledge are two different things. While education is increasingly structured, knowledge is for superior and is super refined. Value oriented education is the prime necessity of the Society.

Our dream is to mould the young in a holistic manner so that our students may conquer the vast realms of excellence. We pray to Guruparampara and the arbitrator of desting to guide, guard and bless us to convert this dream into a reality.

Our mission is to educate children from all walks of life including those from the remote and rural areas so that they become enlightened individuals improving the living standards of their families and the society. The school aims at providing for its students quality education, moral and spiritual formation concern for social justice and national integration leading to a meaningful existence. The School will endeavor to inculcate in children, the qualities which make them a total human being and a model citizen.

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