About Us

Parama Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam having classes from Kindergarten to XII, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education is a co-educational institution. The school is situated in the Holy premises of Parama Bhattara Gurukula Ashramam, a vast, calm and serene atmosphere which has been blessed with the divine footing of HH Chattampi Swami Thiruvadikal. The School originated with the lofty ideas of HH Bhagyananda Theertha Padar who was a disciple of HH Chattampi Swamiji.

Sri Bhagyananda Theerthapada Swamikal, a great sage, who left his own place in the lineage of the enriched heritage of great saints of India. Swami Bhagyananda started a Sanskrit Gurukula school at Vadayambady in Ernakulam district with a great intention to regain our lost culture and tradition. Swamiji strongly believed that an Ashram must be a major place to propagate ideologies and intellectuality rather than any spiritual pursuit.

The great visionary left the world on September 20, 1988, leaving behind a unique cultural heritage which he initiated. Today, Parama Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam is igniting knowledge to thousands of children. Swami Bhagyananda lit a lamp in the Ashram – the lamp of wisdom which spreads rays of knowledge in the shrine of Parama Bhattara Ashramam and our school. Parama Bhattara, means to make someone pundit – a scholar, has been venturing its journey for the past three decades.


Chetak, Garuda, Pawan, Thejus, are the four houses and Each house is headed by a captain, a vice-captain and a house co-ordinator.


Besides academics, the school has provision for games cultural activities and other activities like Music, Yoga, Karatte, Fine arts, Roller Skating Archery etc.


We are following a curriculum prescribed by C.B.S.E from Class I to XII .

The Courses offered in XI and XII include :

I. Science Stream

1A : English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics-Computer Science

1B : English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology

1B : English, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practics, Biology

2. Commerce Group

2A : English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Legal Studies Informatics Practices, Economics/Malayalam

2B : English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics, Economics/Malayalam

3. Humanities

3A : English History, Political Science, Legal Studies, Economics/Malayalam

3B : English History, Political Science, Sociology Economics/Malayalam


India has an enriched heritage of great saints. In the lineage of such great sages, Sri Bhagyananda Theerthapada Swamiji has his own place. Swamii Theerhapada born in a small village named Vayala, near Meenachilal, in Kottayam. After the completion of his education, he worked as a teacher for a short while. During this time he got the insight of spirituality and set out to find a teacher who could guide him in the path of spirituality, his journey ended when he met the great sage Srimad Bhakthananda Theerthapadar, who was the disciple of Sreemad Ramanandha Swami. He inherited the name Theerthapada, from his spiritual Teacher and GURU.

Before he set out for his spiritual journey, he spent his time reading, meditating and in social service.

The responsibilities one has to accomplish as a sage in one's Sanyasa life is manifold. As per the instructions of his guru, he set up three ashramas at Moolamattam, Ezhacherry, and Palakkad. Swami Bhagyananda started a Gurukula school at Vadayambadi in Ernakulam district with a great intention to re-imbibe our lost culture and tradition. He spent all his inherited property, and alms he received along with his physical hard work he fulfilled his dream towards setting up this school. Swamiji strongly believed that an ashrama must be a core place to propagate ideologies and intellectuality rather only spiritual pursuit.

He initiated a publishing press, which was made up of stone mold, and started a publication, Gurukula Deepam, which acted as the tongue of the Theerthapada lineage at the same time it was a means to find the economic support for the functioning of the Asrama.

Swamiji gave immense importance to Sanskrit education and its popularisation. He started a separate sanskrit school and a humongus library along with it.Swamiji previsioned a unique educational institution which anticipated on the overall development and socialization of a child. People flocked from different part of kerala, like Karinkunnam, Meenachil, Neeloor Ainkombu, Trissur, Kothamanglam etc to explore this sanctum of knowledge. Many great sages from different ashramas like Vayppoor, Vaazhoor, Chengottukonam etc also came to Parama Bhattara ashram for augmenting and bartering knowledge. Swamiji spent most of his time by meeting people and he even used to walk twenty or thirty kilometers to interact with them which enriched his social acceptance and many people became his disciples and devotees.

The Great visionary left this material world on September 20, 1988, by leaving behind a unique cultural heritage he initiated. Today, Parama Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam is igniting knowledge to thousands of children. Swami Parama Bhattara lit a lamp in the ashrama - a lamp of wisdom which spreads rays of knowledge. "Parama Bhattara", which means to make someone pundit and Parama Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam has been venturing for the past three decades to fulfill this mission.


In pursuit of character building through the overall and holistic development of the child and training the mind to think independently and conquer the vast realms of excellence.In pursuit of character building through the overall and holistic development of the child and training the mind to think independently and conquer the vast realms of excellence. Our mission is to educate children from every sphere, including those from the remote and rural areas so that they can become enlightened individuals improving the living standard of their families and the society.


Education is not about stuffing the Brain but training the mind. Value-oriented education is the prime necessity of the society. Devote yourself to the community around you and devote yourself to do something that gives you a purpose and meaning. We, at Parama  Bhattara Kendriya Vidyalayam, follow an integrated pathway nurturing children in a loving, caring atmosphere to become confident, responsible Global citizens.


Located at vadayampady approximately 2 km from choondy near puthencruz (at the kochi-madhurai nh), enveloped by nature's prolific silence, pbkv assures the best possibility for every child's all-round development. Right from our Play School to  kindergarten up to 12th standard, we offer simple yet standard quality.

Affiliated to cbse new delhi ( aff. No . 930359) , we are following ncert textbooks in our academic pursuit along with well-equipped laboratories in physics, chemistry, biology, computer science. All the classrooms from kindergarten to XII have been digitalized. A very good library provides us with valuable reading resources. We also provide facilities in the sports arena that range from football, cricket, and basketball to archery, karate and skating as well. Yoga classes are incorporated in the curriculum to help in the development of a healthy mind in a healthy body. A clean canteen provides lunch on a daily basis based on requirement.  The ten schools owned buses and five other private vehicles with experienced drivers and aayas as Support staff, provide safe and smooth transportation facilities for the students who opt for them. A School Counsellor is there to give guidance on personal or psychological problems faced by our children .

With many events and activities conducted across the academic year, like student elections, exhibitions, nature club events, sports day and annual day, we make sure that each student is provided with a strong platform for holistic development. He/she is able to face life's challenges and solves problems arising with sound maturity. He/ She evolves a positive attitude towards competitions and acquires leadership qualities.